StoryLab II Participant Consent Form

Research Participant Consent Form

Title of project: StoryLab Skills Training For Democratised Film Industries

Name, position and contact details of principal researcher investigator: Professor Erik Knudsen, University of Central Lancashire, The Media factory, ME316, Preston PR1 2HE, United Kingdom, Email:

 Please Initial Here

I confirm that I have read and understood the participant information sheet for the above research project and have had the opportunity to ask questions.

I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I am free to withdraw at any stage of the project, without giving reason and without there being any negative consequences. In addition, should I not wish to engage with any particular aspect of the network project and discussions, I am free to decline. I understand that if I withdraw, the data I have contributed to the point of withdrawal may still be used, but will be anonymised.

I understand that audio and/or video recordings of my activities made during research workshops will be used only for analysis and for illustration in conference presentations and lectures. No other use will be made of them without my further written permission, and no one outside the project will be allowed access to the original recordings.

I give permission for members of the research team to use my creative outputs, such as story outlines, screenplays and test shots, for the purposes of this research project as outlined in the participant information sheet. This in no way infringes author copyright, for which the researchers have no interest or claims. The research project has no commercial or copyright interest in anything you generate as part of the project.

I agree to take part in the above research project.

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Name of Participant                               Date                             Signature

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Name of Researcher                              Date                             Signature


Once this has been signed by all parties the participant should receive a copy of the signed and dated participant consent form, the participant information sheet and any other written information provided to the participants. A copy of the signed and dated consent form should be kept with the project’s main documents which must be kept in a secure location.