Inti Jimena Zamora Martínez

Inti Jimena Zamora Martinez Producer Colombia

Inti Jimena Zamora Martínez studied film and television at Unitec University and dramaturgy for film and TV at the Black Maria Film School in Bogotá Colombia.

Inti has developed audiovisual projects in different formats; web and TV series, advertising spots, fiction and documentary films and has received supports and awards in funding funds for film and film festivals. She has played in different roles in film production.

Her most recent work was released in 2018 where participated as associate producer and production coordinator ̈Pájaros de Verano ̈, directed by Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra (The Embrace of the Serpent Nominated for Academy Award Oscars -the 2016). In the documentary “The Eternal Night of the Twelve Moons” (2013) directed by Priscila Padilla: Toulouse Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, São Paulo Film Festival, among others, she participated as executive producer; in the opera prima ̈El ultimo aliento ̈ (2013) by Rene Castellanos Inti participated as executive producer; In ̈La justa medida ̈ (2012) by Colbert García she participated as assistant director and in the documentary ̈Mujeres de El Salado ̈ (2010) by Luis Garavito she participated as assistant director. In 2009, she won the short film award for Idartes Bogotá with the documentary ̈Gallery Qhatú ̈ and the following year she received the same fund with the documentary ̈Tequila y Aguardiente ̈ participating as l producer and scriptwriter.

Inti is now in the post-production of the short film ̈Espacio en Blanco ̈ selection BAFICI 2017, directed by Andrés Tudela filmed on December 2017 and in the development of the films ̈Movimiento y Reposo ̈ by Juan Cárdenas and ̈Jepirra ̈ by Guillermo Garavito. She is also developing the investigation of “All the same, all different” documentary that will be filmed in the community with she currently lives and works in England, these film projects are being produced with her company Allegro Films.