A team of practice led researchers from leading film education institutions in each of the countries of Malaysia, Ghana, Colombia and the UK, led by Professor Erik Knudsen, will run a series of workshops for emerging independent filmmakers in developing countries on three continents. This team of researchers will collaborate with the host institutions involved to deliver these workshops over the period of the network project, reaching a total of 45 independent filmmakers, and will be followed by a summarising symposium hosted by Bournemouth University. The key participating researchers include:

Erik Knudsen

Principal Investigator: Professor Erik Knudsen, School of Film, Media and Performance at the University of Central Lancashire, is Ghanaian born, and having shot 2 films in Ghana, one of which was AHRC funded, he also has a particular interest in how film is evolving in the developing world.

Nico Meissner

Co-Investigator: Dr Nico Meissner, Senior Lecturer at the Griffith Film School, Brisbane, Australia, but was formerly a Senior Lecturer at Multimedia University, Malaysia, where one of the StoryLab workshops will be taking place. He has a PhD in the sustainability of independent filmmaking in relation to the internet.

StoryLab Kuala Lumpur Session

Co-Investigator: Dr Sandra Carolina Patiño is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ibague and the Director of the research group Documentary Colombia. Carolina will be supported by her colleague, Susana Ortiz Obregon, who is a screenwriting lecturer and researcher at the National University of Colombia.

StoryLab Kuala Lumpur Session

Participating Investigator: Sarah Kuntoh, Head of the Editing Unit of the Film Techniques Department, National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI), Accra, Ghana. She currently teaches Film Aesthetics and Art of Editing and runs the NAFTI Film Club.

Iakovos Panagopoulos Portrait

Participating Research Student: Iakovos Panagopoulos is a PhD student at the University of Central Lancashire working with Professor Erik Knudsen. He is an independent filmmaker and is currently leading the StoryLab California workshops in Bakersfield, California.

Post Doctoral Research Associate: Rowenna Baldwin obtained her PhD in Sociology from the University of Warwick as part of an AHRC project entitled, ‘National Identity in Russia from 1961: Traditions and Deterritorialisation’.

Pilar Pedraza

Research Assistant: Pilar Pedraza graduated from the National University of Colombia and has a Masters in Documentary Journalism from the University of Tres de Febrero (Argentina).